New feature: Automated eBay credit notes in easybill

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The first half of the year will soon be over and we will be entering the summer months. For many sellers, this means a lot of work via the online shop. So what if easybill could lend a helping hand? Today we are introducing our new feature of automatic eBay credit notes. This makes everyday work in e-commerce a little easier for the eBay sellers among you.

As part of the new credit note option, there is now also a completely new interface for eBay. So if you are not necessarily interested in retrieving returns, the rest of the news should still appeal to you.

Table of contents

  • Why automations for eBay invoices are indispensable
    • Time saving
    • Error reduction
    • Customer loyalty through professional invoices
  • Retrieve returns and create eBay credit notes

Why automations for eBay invoices are indispensable

In today’s digital era, online trading has become a central part of the global marketplace. For sellers using eBay as a platform, it is crucial not only to offer high-quality products, but also to optimize their business processes.

One of the key components that is often overlooked is the automation of eBay invoices. We give you the three most important reasons why sellers should rely on automation to manage their eBay invoices.

Time saving

As we all know, time is money, and this is especially true in e-commerce. Manually creating, processing and sending invoices can be time-consuming. By implementing automation for eBay invoices, sellers can save valuable time and instead focus on more strategic aspects of their business, such as product development or customer service.

Error reduction

Human error is inevitable, especially when it comes to managing invoices. Automation minimizes the risk of errors such as transcription errors or incorrect invoice amounts. This not only contributes to accounting accuracy, but also increases customer satisfaction by avoiding potential discrepancies.

Customer loyalty through professional invoices

Automated invoices offer the opportunity to create professional and appealing documents. A well thought-out invoice design can strengthen the brand image and promote customer trust. This is particularly important as first impressions often determine whether a customer will buy from you again.

Retrieve returns and create eBay credit notes

As a further step in the automation of your eBay sales data, credit notes are now being added. Unfortunately, returns are part of the everyday life of every seller in e-commerce. However, easybill now supports the retrieval of these returns to ensure that returns and lost sales do not cost too much work or the wages of employees.

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