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How to sell on eBay


Start selling on eBay

eBay offers you the possibility as a seller to list your products online. Here the creation of your own online shop is not necessary, since eBay as a marketplace determines the design and handling. Manage your products and immediately start your first sales.

  • Handling tools such as “Salesperson Cockpit” or “Sales Manager”
  • Marketing-Tools
  • Offer analyses
  • Offer templates
  • Sales promotions tool

What does an eBay store cost?

  • Basis-Shop: € 39,95
  • Top-Shop: € 79,95
  • Premium-Shop: € 299,95
  • Platinum-Shop: € 4999,95
  • Sales fee fixed share: 0,05€ per sold item
  • Sales fee variable portion:
    Varies between 9% and 13% depending on service status
  • But maximum €99.00

What are the payment methods?

  • Prepayment per bank transfer
  • Cash payment / ec-cash at collectionPayPal
  • Online payment systems
  • Credit card
  • eBay Payments
  • eBay purchase on account

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