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Tax consultant portal

Tax consultant access

Your client can grant you, as a tax consultant, access to his invoicing software with your own account. This saves you the effort of having to collect invoices and receipts – because you can now export the necessary documents yourself via the DATEV API.

  • Own easybill account for tax consultants with access to client accounts

  • DATEV export with all necessary accounting data

  • Avoid misunderstandings thanks to comprehensible processing for both sides

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Digitalization in tax consulting offers these advantages for both sides


Receipts in electronic form

Receipts and documents no longer have to be printed out so that they can be archived. This saves time and therefore money. Your clients can easily scan and upload the receipts and send them to you.


Banking applications are connected

By linking to various interfaces, your clients can also process their entire payment transactions via easybill. As a rule, the respective document only needs to be processed once.


Farewell to the pendulum folder

As a tax office, you no longer have to wait until you receive the mail (or the folder) with your clients’ documents. Thanks to electronic filing, you can access the documents immediately and start your work.


Archiving data according to current standards

Digital archiving saves space. Because the times when you had to keep meters of files are over. When your clients archive documents with easybill, you can be sure that the current GoBD regulations are observed at all times. The data archived in this way can also be used as an emergency file.


Fast transmission to financial authorities

If the tax office is missing documents or receipts, these can be transmitted quickly and easily. This ensures that no deadline is forgotten. Your client can do this from anywhere in the world.


Focus on consulting services

Since you and your client save a whole lot of time thanks to digitization in tax consulting, you can use this valuable resource elsewhere. As a tax consultant, you no longer have to worry mainly about accounting tasks related to outgoing invoices. Put your focus back on consulting! Plausibility checks and business evaluations then play a greater role again. For clients, this is a real stroke of luck.

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