Dunning process:
Dunning notices and Reminders

Easily created and sent automatically

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Integrated automatic dunning process

Define your dunning process

You do not want to check every day which invoices have already been paid and which are still unpaid? Create rules for yourself that control your dunning process. Let the system create automatic payment reminders and dunning notices. They can be sent by post, e-mail and fax.

  • Multistage dunning process

  • Automated creation of payment reminders and dunning notices

  • Predefined dunning fees

  • Inclusion and exclusion of customers and customer groups is possible

Save your customer Dunning fees

You can also use the automatic dunning system to create a payment reminder if the invoice has not yet reached the due date. Remind your customers of the upcoming payment in case of extended payment terms.

Create legally compliant dunning notices

Execute multistage dunning process

Unpaid bills are a nuisance? Nevertheless, act professionally and create a multi-level dunning process with the help of pre-defined payment reminders and dunning notices. Determine the wording, the sequence and also the amount of the reminder costs yourself. easybill provides you with legally compliant texts and ensures that the invoice number, invoice date and amount are correctly transferred.

  • Ready-made payment reminders and dunning notices

  • Individual texts and wording possible

  • Set dunning fees

  • Legally compliant material

  • Direct distribution from easybill to your customers

Claims Management

Last step – debt collection

Your customer does not react to payment reminders and dunning notices? The invoice remains unpaid? Use the services of our partner mediaFinanz and the integrated interface in easybill. If your dunning process does not provide a solution, use the last step of the process: transfer the claim directly from easybill to debt collection.

  • Direct interface to debt collection

  • Transfer including incurred dunning fees

  • Free registration with mediaFinanz

  • No further costs for you for the collection of the claim

Reconciliation on unpaid invoices

Optimize your processes

It is time consuming to reconcile open invoices with online banking or even worse, with bank statements? With integrated bank account reconciliation, easybill checks your incoming payments and assigns them to your invoices.

  • Integrated bank reconciliation

  • Individual filters for reconciliation possible

  • Also accessible for employees using access rights management

  • Allocation to open invoices

  • Perfect combination with automatic dunning


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