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Invoicing program for craftsmen

Create invoices in a few clicks

Are you also one of those people who want to spend as little time as possible on bookkeeping and invoicing? Especially when time is scarce and you prefer to use it to offer your services to customers. Then you should definitely try our services as soon as possible.

With our invoicing software, you can create an invoice for services and materials rendered in no time at all. To do this, simply create the customer data in the database once and use it for future offers and invoices. The big advantage of this: You can work while on the road. So even when you are on site at the customer’s premises. If the customer wants to order another service, you can immediately create a professional offer and send it using the integrated postal interface. This is also made easy with the easybill invoicing software. If you prefer to submit the invoice or offer in paper form, you also have the opportunity to do so: With one click, the document is printed out and ready for delivery to your customer.

Rechnung Vorlage Muster für Excel und Word

Specify wage costs and material costs separately


Show “craftsman bonus” on invoices

Household-related services and craftsmen’s services can be deducted from the tax. However, in order for you as a tradesman to be able to advertise with this advantage, the invoices must be issued accordingly. This is exactly what easybill’s billing software makes possible. By listing the wage and material costs as individual items on the invoice, your customers can deduct your services from their taxes.

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  • Manuel Maaß ★★★★★ vor einer Woche
    Die Systemeinführung am Telefon war wirklich sehr sehr gut. Mir wurde alles erklärt und meine Fragen wurden alle super beantwortet. Ich kann das nur empfehlen.
  • Stefano Rutishauser ★★★★★ in der letzten Woche
    Tolles Tool mit schnellem, höflichen und professionellen Support. Selbst Feature Request werden höflich angenommen und intern besprochen. Nicht zu vergessen die intuitive Bedienoberfläche (grafisch keine Augenweide, jedoch sauber aufgeräumt) … More machen mit der Dokumentation einen Einstieg sehr angenehm. Dank API auch für individuelle Prozesse und Erweiterungen nutzbar.
  • Ute Ziegler ★★★★★ vor einem Monat
    Wir sind sehr zufrieden!
    Wir haben Easybill noch recht neu und am Anfang war die Handhabung für uns nicht ganz leicht. Bis man mal die wichtigsten Funktionen kennt, gerade wenn man wenig Zeit hat, dauert das. Hier habe ich wirklich sehr
    … More oft den Support angeschrieben (Herr Hengstler hat mir hier enorme Hilfestellung geleistet – immer freundlich, immer sehr hilfsbereit).
    Auch an Samstagen wurden die Fragen des Supports ausführlich beantwortet. Finde ich wirklich großartig – gibt es nicht oft!
    Langsam aber sicher komme auch ich damit klar und dann ist es eigentlich ganz einfach :-).
    Sehr empfehlenswert!!
  • Tino Harnisch ★★★★★ vor 4 Monaten
    Sehr gute Einweisung und guter Support. Sehr freundlich und geduldig. Danke Herr Wischhof.
    Die Software selber ist sehr ordentlich und aufgeräumt. Vieles erklärt sich von selbst. Die Formulare lassen sich leicht und für jeden Kunden individuell
    … More anpassen. Es macht Spaß mit der Software zu arbeiten.

We support you with your order processing

so that you can take care of your customers.

Time recording system – time sheet for craftsmen

Transfer time entries to the invoice with one click

Did you know that in project management you can not only manage items and services, but much more? If not, you should definitely read on, because with easybill you can also handle the time tracking at the same time. To do this, simply create a new project using the easybill icon and the subtopic “Create project”.

In addition to the option to set a project budget, you can manage the hourly rate and the time budget here, so that you can easily and directly take care of the time tracking with just a few clicks – a piece of cake!

Project management in the craft sector


Easily add budget, hourly rate and additional information

No matter how extensive your project is, you can rely on easybill! Our software enables you to achieve the best results with minimal effort. For example, determine in advance what budget and hourly rate you are planning for the respective customer or the entire project.

In the next step, you can clearly view the time actually required and the items and select them as required. In the project overview you will find all time entries and items that have not yet been invoiced.

Whether you bill all entries at the same time by clicking on “Select all” or select individually and issue a small invoice is up to you.

Task management for craft companies

Say goodbye to inefficient paperwork

An email here, a note there – all that takes time and is very inefficient. How can you do it better? With easybill of course.

Urgent tasks that still need to be completed can be easily set up in no time at all on the home page. You’ll be reminded immediately when you open it.

But that’s not all: e-mail to employees is also a thing of the past. Instead of reminding the colleague about due tasks via this detour, you can link the employee directly to the task – and even send the data of the customer in question or documents that he needs.

This saves time and money and also ensures that all participants always, without much searching and coordination, know what to do.


Connect easybill with other tools


Keep your usual workflow

Did you know that you can link our billing software to many different tools? So you can keep your favourite processes and don’t have to change your workflow.

Work schedule, time tracking, call management and many other functions can be easily connected to easybill thanks to our cooperation with numerous integration partners. Give it a try!

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