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  • A professional offer in just a few clicks

  • Easy management and overview of your offers

Write and send offers online with easybill

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Offers in seconds

Have you always been looking for a software for offers?
Creating your offer only takes a few clicks thanks to easybill.

Formulating offer letters correctly

Create offers from individual templates with all necessary required information. Components of an offer: These are the things you should pay attention to

  • Work independent of location

  • Individualize your offers

    Use the Layout Editor to create the basis for all your document templates in minutes. Insert a logo or insert your own letterhead, upload your own fonts and customize the look of your documents according to your needs. Create as many templates as you like.

    • Layout and template editor for individual offers

    • Use your own stationery

    • Customize the format of your quote number according to your needs

    • Add attachments such as general terms and conditions

    • Generate QR Codes for easy payment

    • Save your valuable time through automated processes

  • Order processing

  • Writing & Sending Order Confirmations

    Your customer has accepted your offer and now you have to create an external order or purchase order and send it to your supplier? Generate an order or a purchase order from the offer with only two clicks and transfer it to your supplier as recipient. Update texts or invoice items using saved templates. Create an order confirmation, if this is requested as well.

    • Order placement and order confirmation

    • Complete process mapping of quotation, order and purchase order

  • Intuitive document management

  • Write offers – use the program – enjoy security

    You start your customer process with a quote? Save yourself double typing and convert a finished quote into an order, delivery bill, invoice or other. Use a quote-specific due date to set deadlines and send reminders for quotes as well.

    • Write a professional offer

    • Rights management for creating documents for employees

    • Separate offer deadlines

    • Customize the format of your quote number according to your needs

    • Free e-mail dispatch also via own mail server

    Angebote an Kunden online verschicken

    Your offer in just a few clicks

    No installation necessary. Test phase ends automatically.

  • Offer settlement

  • Generate invoices from quotations

    Your offer should be settled after acceptance? Decide for yourself whether you want to invoice the complete quotation or generate partial invoices. Update position descriptions or customer data if desired.

    Transfer completely all offered items or only a part of them. Add attachments such as return information, general terms and conditions and revocation instructions, which should be sent by e-mail attachment.

  • “Very uncomplicated creation of templates for invoices, offers, etc.. I also find the evaluations pretty good (outgoing invoice book, overview of standing invoices, etc.) at a fair price.”

  • Overview of all Advantages
    • Convert quote to invoice with a click

    • Partial invoice according to demand

    • Attach document attachments relevant to the invoice for shipment

    • Updating of position descriptions

  • Keep the overview

  • User-friendly analysis overview

    Use the logbook or order book to obtain an overview of all pending or already invoiced transactions at any time. Export the evaluations so that you can pass them on directly to your supplier/producer if necessary.

    • Exportable evaluations as PDF, CSV or MS Excel

    • Status information also as filter options

    • Color markers for status of documents

    Create offers and save your time

    • 1.

      Transfer articles and services from your easybill database to your offer with just one click

    • 2.

      Create a quote in only 4 steps and then send it by e-mail, mail or fax

    • 3.

      Continuation of offers by click into subsequent documents such as invoices, orders or delivery bills

  • Write an offer or use a cost estimate

  • Create cost estimates or detailed offers

    Instead of offers, do you prefer to prepare cost estimates? With easybill, you get everything from a single source. Save personalized templates according to your wishes. Decide on a case-by-case basis whether you want to formulate an offer or provide an estimate after all.

    With easybill you have the free choice!

    • Create Your Own Template for Estimate

    • Continuation in order or invoice

    • CE management accessible from anywhere

    Cost Estimate & Sample Quotation - Free templates for your business

    Frequently asked questions
    about easybill and offers

    Do I need a separate program to create quotations?

    Every easybill package, whether FREE, BASIC, PLUS or BUSINESS, also includes quotation creation. You therefore do not need a separate program and can create professional quotations directly in easybill and transfer them to other documents.

    Can I personalize my offers and customize them to my brand?

    Yes, it is possible to customize your offers with our layout and template editor. Personalized offers help you strengthen your brand and leave a better impression on your customers.

    What does a written offer mean?

    A written quotation is formal documentation that sets out the details of a business offer in writing. It typically contains information about products or services, prices, payment terms and other relevant conditions. A written offer serves as a binding agreement between supplier and customer and creates transparency and legal certainty. It is an essential tool in the business process for reaching clear agreements and avoiding misunderstandings.

    Does the software have automatic invoice generation?

    Yes, you can invoice your offer directly after acceptance or generate partial invoices. With one click you can convert the offer into an invoice.

    Can I use a quote template or do I need software?

    easybill offers you a quote template for free download. Due to the automated processes, easybill offers a time-saving solution to quickly create quotes and send them directly to the customer. Software is therefore the much more convenient permanent solution.

    Which membership do I test?

    To be able to test all features, our 7-day free trial period always includes the BUSINESS membership.

    How do I activate the FREE membership?

    The free FREE membership does not need to be booked. It activates automatically at the end of your trial period. Start your free trial at any time. Please note that we reserve the right to delete the free account after 90 days in case of inactivity.

    When do you write an offer?

    To start working with a potential new customer, you generate an offer. This can be accepted or rejected by the customer. If the offer is accepted, you actively start the business relationship.

    Why do you write an offer?

    A quotation is written to transparently present the conditions and costs of products or services to potential customers. It serves as a formal and legally binding basis for business agreements. A well-structured proposal enables companies to present their services effectively and build trust with customers.

    What do you have to do before preparing an offer?

    Before preparing a quote, one should conduct a thorough analysis of the customer’s requirements in order to create a customized offer. It is important to research the market and the competitive landscape in order to offer competitive prices and terms. You should also ensure that you have all the relevant resources and capacity to implement the offer. Finally, clear communication with the customer is necessary to clarify any ambiguities and ensure that the offer meets the customer’s needs and expectations.

    How does easybill guarantee the security of my data?

    With easybill, your data is in the best hands. Your data is stored exclusively on servers in Germany and protected by modern encryption standards. As an additional safeguard, two-factor authentication (2FA) is available to you. Everything about account security in easybill.

    Does my membership renew automatically?

    Yes, your easybill membership will automatically renew for the selected period unless you make a membership change or cancel. This ensures that your billing is continuous.

    Do I pay monthly despite annual membership?

    No, by booking the annual membership and the associated discount you only pay once in advance for the entire year.

    Is everything included in the membership price?

    Yes, there are no hidden costs. Shipping credit must be booked separately, actively. You have full cost control at all times. Please note, however, that you must book the shipping credit separately and actively. Costs for additional employee accesses and finAPI transactions can be found in the price overview.

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