From order confirmation to non-payment – here you will learn everything about invoicing, accounting, taxes & document management.


In our easybill guide we have summarized many instructions and help pages around the most important things of your business. Benefit from our years of experience in the field of invoicing and taxes.

Financial accounting is just technical Chinese for you? Never mind! We bring light into the darkness and explain the topics that are relevant to your business with easy-to-understand content.

What is a service?

A simple explanation

The 10 components and obligatory details of an invoice

Learn everything about the mandatory information and components of an invoice


When is the central registration office coming?

Components of an offer

These are the things you should pay attention to

What is a delivery bill and what contents are important?

Am I obliged to provide my customers with a delivery bill?

Partial invoice: This is what you should pay attention to

When do you write this invoice? What are its components?

Pro forma invoice

Definition and difference to the invoice


What you should know for start in 2025

Down payment invoice

What must be included?

Recurring credit notes

Save time and effort

Credit note: all you should know

What do I have to know?

Hourly wage calculator

Calculate average wages

Intra-community supply

Definition and checklist

Small business regulation

Write invoice without sales tax

Small business invoices

How to create invoices without tax

Writing an order

What to consider?

Write order confirmation

Why you should do it

The billing address

Importance and requirements


How to evaluate the sales model?


What is a complaint? What is a warranty?


What you should know at the beginning

Fee invoice

What is a fee note? What factors are important?

Dunning and Payment reminders

When do you start the dunning process?

Differential taxation

The difference to standard taxation

Direct Debit

Faster liquidity for your company

Shipping costs

Definition and tax reporting

Packing List

What is a packing list? What advantages does it have?

Tax ID number

Mandatory information on the invoice

Craftsman invoice

The most important factors for you in summary

Online marketplace

What is an online marketplace? What are pros and cons?

The WEEE number

Definition and registration obligation

Business registration

What you should consider when registering and what mistakes you should avoid.

Invoice number

This is what you should pay attention to

E-commerce invoices via Import Manager

How to create invoices automatically as an online merchant

Working at Home Office

What exactly is a home office? What are the advantages and disadvantages here?

Invoices for vacation apartments

What you should know as a landlord

Reverse Charge Process

What does reversal of tax liability mean? Who can use it?

Invoicing in e-commerce

How do you create a correct and legally compliant invoice in online retail?

Cancellation invoice – difference to credit note?

The distinction between the two terms explained for you

Amazon Advertising: essential key figures

Place advertisements, optimize your business

Online Shop Insurance

What insurance you should take out for your e-commerce

Payment methods in the Online Shop

What options are available and which we recommend

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