The offer is written and found good by the customer. You have already received his positive response by e-mail or phone. Then the next step can come and you can write the order to record the whole project and also the customer’s commitment in writing once again. What there is to consider, you will learn here.

Writing an order brings legal certainty

After the written order confirmation, you can start writing the order itself. Here you record once again all the important details that you have agreed with your customer.

The order itself is thus an official document that is used in daily communication with the customer. And this has very clear advantages for both sides. Because both sides gain legal certainty through the clear formulation of the framework conditions.

This belongs with an order

Although there are no strict formal requirements for the document itself, you should nevertheless adhere to some specifications. This way, not only will everything be correct, but you will also make a professional impression.

The following information should be included:

  • Full name and address of the client/customer
  • Your full contact details including e-mail address, telephone and fax number (if applicable)
  • Your tax number
  • Customer number
  • Order number
  • Date
  • Description of the products
  • Prices for individual items
  • Shipping conditions
  • Shipping country
  • Tax country

Our tip: If you use the easybill invoice program, you do not have to enter this information manually for each order. A click on the appropriate place in the mask is sufficient and the customer details, your data and all other important content can be transferred from existing documents.

Auftrag Vorlage
Auftrag Vorlage

Write order: The step saves time

There is another advantage to writing an order: You record the key points of the order in a document. Once the document has been processed, you save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Because you can generate further documents from the order with just a few clicks. With our invoice program, for example, you can create delivery bills or invoices directly from the order.

But the created order is not only a relief for you: If you wish, you can create a transfer form in our standard template for an order with only one check mark. This way, your customer can also save a work step. Another reason why you should firmly integrate the writing of the order into your workflow.

Write order with easybill

In short, with easybill you can map the entire process from quotation creation to order confirmation to invoice and even tax declaration (through individual access for the tax consultant and DATEV interface). All this with just a few clicks and, above all, a reliable customer service that will help you quickly and competently if you have any questions.

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