Invoices for vacation apartments / houses

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  • Special content for invoices for
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    You are a provider of one or more vacation apartments or houses and must of course issue invoices for them.

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Special sales tax features for vacation homes

Depending on the location of your vacation apartment or vacation home, you should always check the local tax obligations.

Some countries have special regulations, or reduced sales tax requirements for lodging services.

Also in the taxation of certain services or additional services such as breakfast, which is included in your rental offer, there are different legal requirements from country to country.

Stay in touch with your tax advisor or your tax office.

What is the mandatory information for the invoice?

Of course, an invoice for vacation rentals is basically no different from any regular invoice. However, you should pay attention to the following details and not leave it unmentioned:

  • complete contact details of invoice recipient and invoice issuer
  • Invoice number and date
  • Tax number and/or VAT identification number
  • transparent service description for invoice recipient and also tax office
  • Pricing, rebates, discounts, service charge statements, etc.
  • Payment methods, payment terms and bank details
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Difference: private travelers and business travelers?

For private travelers, the mandatory information already mentioned is important. For business travelers, the information on your invoices has a completely different meaning. Here, the following must be observed:

  • The complete correct address and the indication of the VAT ID/tax number make the input tax deduction valid. The VAT shown can thus be claimed in the business traveler’s advance VAT return. Through the input tax deduction, the traveler reduces the actual amount of VAT to be paid.

  • The information in the service description should be described in such detail that the business traveler can hereby clearly identify the business purpose.

  • If certain overnight services are recognized as tax exempt in some countries, the tax exemption must be clearly stated on the invoice and additional details may need to be provided in an explanatory manner.

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