What is a complaint?

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Warranty right in case of complaint

Was passiert bei einer Reklamation

What happens in case of a complaint?

Not sure what the definition of reclamation is? Complaint means that a consumer makes use of his right to warranty. He can do this if there is a material defect in a purchased product. However, this material defect must have existed before the product was transferred or handed over to the consumer.

As a rule, the quality of the product was already determined by both parties when the purchase contract was concluded.

The right way to complain: Revocation or warranty?

There are significant differences here! You are not yet clear what they are? We will be happy to explain them.

Right of withdrawal

  • until 2 weeks after purchase contract can be withdrawn from this
  • without specification of reasons possible
  • Warranty exclusively refers to defects that already exists prior to the purchase/product transfer, but were only discovered at a later date.


  • Voluntary warranty of the entrepreneur (for example, by exchanging the goods)
  • Warranty also applies to damages/defects that occur after the purchase or after the transfer of the product
  • unlimited in time or determined by the specification of the contractor.

Complaint necessary?

Your customer has filed a claim and you want to respond in a fiscally correct manner?

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Complaint Management

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen einer Reklamation & Beschwerde

What is the difference between a complaint & a grievance?

A complaint is also definitely to be distinguished from a reclamation. A pure complaint is merely the emotional expression of a customer or a buyer about his dissatisfaction with the seller or about a purchased product. A complaint, on the other hand, must always relate to a concrete fact about a product.

  • A complaint is not the same as a claim!

Is there a complaint period?

Yes, unlike the warranty cases, which each company can determine independently and voluntarily, a statutory period of exactly two years applies to the right of complaint. Within this time, a complaint would have to be reported, otherwise the complaint limitation period comes into force.

  • Nevertheless, it must be possible to prove that it is a material defect, which that already existed when the product was transferred or at the time of purchase.. After the two-year warranty period there is no right to replacement of the goods or repair.

Gibt es eine Reklamationsfrist?

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