The WooCommerce store as a (second) pillar for your business


The thought of your own online store already crossed your mind, but you hadn’t thought of a WooCommerce store until now? Many companies with a local sales location jumped on the e-commerce bandwagon at the beginning of the pandemic. After all, for many it was the only way to still profitably sell their goods to customers. But even established online retailers should consider their own online store as another mainstay to break away from the marketplace giants and their specifications.

Online store as a supplement to the marketplace

From our daily phone calls with easybill customers, we of course also know that there is no way around the big top dogs. At least in order to establish an e-commerce business, listings on Amazon, eBay and the like (depending on the industry) are unavoidable. The ball has to start rolling before many entrepreneurs dare to set up their own online store. Of course, setting up the store involves more effort and costs, the store must be established, the target group must be defined and drawn to the store, logistics must be covered and many other factors. Nevertheless, you should not shy away from it. Why? On the basis of 4 simple and concise advantages we would like to explain why an own online store makes sense.

4 Advantages of having your own online store

1- Control over your brand image

You are not subject to any specifications how you have to list your products or how the presentation of your store has to look like. Free yourself and find your own design!

2- More visibility through SEO measures

Who knows your target group better than you? No one! And that’s exactly why you should have the freedom to also present your online store in a search engine optimized way. Here, too, it plays a major role that you are not subject to any specifications.

3- Exclusivity of your products

Because your online store belongs only to you. You don’t have to share the online presence with other competitors. There is no competition and pressure to get the best listing in the first place.

4- A profit margin that you do not have to share

Okay, admittedly, a small part must of course always be given away. Because payment service providers, logisticians or maybe external agencies that support you have to be paid, of course. But the pure turnover of your product flows for the most part into your pocket.

Why exactly set up a WooCommerce store?

Certainly, there is a large selection of ready-made store systems on the market. Set up an account, select a design, set up products and off you go. But even these stores are associated with costs. You may save time and some effort, but you are bound to predefined content, and may also encounter limits in handling or design, which you had simply imagined differently in your head. With WooCommerce as a store system, you are very free in the setup and design. Through the support of a huge selection of plugins, prefabricated templates, which can still be further customized and the large community that continue to develop this store system daily, there are almost no limits.

Approximately 10% of our easybill online merchants rely on WooCommerce. The connection to easybill is of course as simple as with other store systems, but the feedback from our customers shows us that the handling of WooCommerce is also convincing.

Conclusion about the WooCommerce store

Maybe our blog post will give you a taste for your own online store idea. Since easybill supports a wide range of import options for online stores, you have the free choice. But maybe your choice falls on WooCommerce. If so, you are welcome to take a look at the relevant instructions (in german) in our help center or watch our tutorial videos on easybill TV.

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