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Simple handling of recurring invoices and SEPA direct debits
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easybill – Invoicing that is fun

Ralph Kiesel

CEO, KCS Kiesel Computersysteme

Our way to easybill

In the beginning there was fire, it says in the Bible. But it wasn’t that bad. In the beginning, we still sent our recurring invoices using Word and Excel and then as a mail merge, which over time simply led to problems, be it limitations in Excel or blockages when sending the increasing number of emails, so in 2016 I started looking for a web-based product with which we could create our invoices quickly and easily and send them on time.

After what felt like a million tests of various products, we got stuck with Fastbill. Until last year, everything worked smoothly, but the support team has been waiting since August 2023 until we have a solution to our problem. The problem is that the wrong document templates are repeatedly used for recurring invoices or suddenly “cost estimate” instead of “invoice” is written on the invoices sent.

After the incorrect dispatch, we had to laboriously handle each invoice individually, reselect the document template and send it again, which naturally led to a lack of understanding and queries from our customers and therefore a much greater expenditure of time for us than it ultimately brought in terms of productivity. We have been put off answering support emails since August. It gives us the impression that taking money is okay, but providing support is not.

The switch to easybill

Unfortunately, I don’t know why we didn’t come across easybill earlier, but I’ll probably be annoyed about it for a while. It all started with a telephone appointment with easybill support.

We mainly work with recurring invoices and various placeholders in the forms are a very important point for us. In a phone call lasting almost two hours, in which the support team took a lot of time to answer our many questions, we went through a recurring invoice in full together. The design of the invoice form is very user-friendly and customer-oriented, as everything is very well described. My questions about resending documents, adjusting the texts on the invoice or even adapting the document template to my letterhead were dealt with in a matter of minutes – seconds, rather – and were also very easy for me to understand.

The SEPA direct debit function was also a very important point for us, as we collect our invoices by direct debit on a set date. This was also very easy, as you can generate individual invoices as a SEPA file or a whole batch with up to 250 data records within a SEPA file. The most important point for us, however, is the fact that I can not only communicate with the support team by e-mail, but also by telephone if there is a problem. Unfortunately, this is not the case with our previous provider.

Our conclusion about easybill

My conclusion so far: The easybill product offers us a perfect environment for our purposes and we will switch to easybill as soon as possible. Despite a 7-day test phase, which we have been using since 16.01.2024, I already decided to switch on 18.01.2024 (2 days later). I can really only warmly recommend the product!