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OTTO Market – the marketplace of OTTO

With more than 14.5 million articles from over 19,000 brands, OTTO is Germany’s largest online store. Via OTTO Market, more than
5,000 partners now offer their products on to over 11 million active OTTO customers and benefit from a high-quality product environment with up to
up to 10 orders per second.

Collaboration at eye level with the goal of joint and sustainable success makes OTTO Market a strong and reliable partner in e-commerce.

Logo von OTTO market mit roter Schrift auf weißem Hintergrund

The OTTO platform – in short

  • Large customer base with over 11 million active customers 
  • High reach with over 2.9 million qualified visits per day 
  • High order frequency of customers with up to 10 orders per second 
  • More than 6,000 OTTO Market partners 
  • Qualitative product environment 
  • Clear retailer criteria

The basic requirements for admission as a seller:

  • Your company headquarters is located in Germany
  • You have a German corporate legal form
  • German VAT identification number
  • Illustration of a value added tax rate of 19%
  • Shipping and returns are handled in Germany
  • You act as a retailer towards the end customers
  • You guarantee a German-speaking customer service
  • Range of market leader in furniture & furnishings
  • Invoicing via OTTO Market
  • Free item listing
  • Liquidity check of the buyer by OTTO Market
  • no loss of receivables for you as a seller

Available assortment ranges

  • Drugstore: Beauty, drugstore and eroticism
  • Furnishing & living: Kitchen & housewares, lamps & lighting, furniture, home accessories & decoration, home textiles.
  • Fashion & Lifestyle: accessories, clothing, suitcases & bags, jewelry, shoes, watches
  • Garden & Home Improvement: Bathroom & Sanitary, DIY, Electrical Installation, Garden, Small Iron, Pet Supplies, Tools & Machinery
  • Health
  • Sports & Leisure: Baby accessories, handicrafts, musical instruments, toys, sports equipment & outdoor, two-wheelers & accessories
  • Technology & media: electronics, household electronics, stationery & office supplies, technology accessories

What are the payment methods?

  • Direct debit
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • paydirekt
  • Invoice
  • Payment by installments (extra charge)
  • Payment pause (for an additional charge)
  • Prepayment

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