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about CANDIS

CANDIS - the tool for automation of the preparative accounting, saves you tedious manual accounting processes!

  • What it offers

    CANDIS automates the preparatory accounting for SMEs. Users link bank accounts, credit cards and PayPal accounts, forward documents to CANDIS and benefit from real-time overviews of open liabilities and missing receipts without complicated setup.

    Invoices can be approved and paid with just a few clicks. At the end, the data is available for final accounting. CANDIS is an official DATEV interface partner and serves several thousand small and medium-sized companies and their tax advisors.

  • Compilation of documents

    CANDIS automatically compiles accounting documents for you from various sources. You no longer have to search your emails for invoices or log into portals to download invoices.

  • Intelligent extraction of Data

    CANDIS extracts all document data using artificial intelligence. Even cash discount amounts are recognized. CANDIS also sorts out duplicates. So you never lose sight of the big picture.

  • Automatic categorization of documents

    CANDIS sorts your documents by document type, accurately and clearly arranged. This saves you the time-consuming filing in a folder system.

  • Reconciliation of account transactions

    CANDIS automatically compares account transactions from bank, credit card and PayPal accounts with your invoices and receipts. You can see at a glance which account transactions receipts are missing and which invoices are still to be paid.

  • Payment of invoices

    You can pay open invoices with one click directly from CANDIS. Collective transfers are also possible. You no longer need to enter invoice data separately via your online banking account.

  • Communication platform with your tax advisor

    CANDIS points out missing documents. If you have supplied all documents, simply submit the data to your tax advisor. The accountant will book everything properly in their accounting system.

  • CANDIS was developed by clients for clients to improve accounting processes in companies and to facilitate cooperation with tax advisors. Our product promises to give you back your most valuable asset: your time.

CANDIS - more than just an accounting software