finleap connect

finleap connect is Europe’s first banking service provider


More convenience

The technology of the Hamburg-based company offers access to various financial sources. These include bank accounts as well as credit cards, PayPal and FinTechs. finleap connect enables third parties to quickly add banking functionality to applications, products and services. For users this means: more convenience, more user-friendliness and above all more freedom to decide for themselves in which service they want to use their banking data. Because neutral services outside the classic banking world are more popular than ever: The seemingly inseparable connection between banking and banks is dissolving!


A success concept

The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) underlines the successful concept of finleap connect. Because one aspect of the new EU directive is the requirement ‘Access to Account’ (XS2A), which requires banks to make bank data to so-called third parties accessible. The combination of technology, regulation and community determines the strategic orientation of the B2B companies. This is because finleap connect is on its way to becoming one of the first regulated FinTechs under the PSD2. The goal is to take over the function of a regulated account information and payment initiation service provider for non-regulated companies or to be a reliable outsourcing partner for regulated companies.


Banking of the future

finleap connect is the foundation for the banking of the future and positions itself as a reliable solution provider for banks, FinTechs, e-commerce and software houses of all sizes. Compliance, data refinement, full service and business intelligence are core values that finleap connect works on every day with almost 50 experts.

finleap connect combines knowledge, dedication and experience, connecting players from different levels and driving the digitalization of our industry.