infra-struktur simplifies your everyday office life

With infra-struktur, you can get through everyday office life with peace of mind. All relevant information about your customers and projects is in the right place, so that everyone can easily find the information they are looking for.


Contact History

Manage all important information on customers, suppliers, etc. centrally in one place and build up traceable contact histories so that all colleagues can keep track of everything.


Caller ID

All calls are automatically assigned to the right contact and saved with the appropriate note. Calls and callbacks can be started simply with a mouse click.


E-mail history

Every email automatically ends up in the right and, most importantly, central contact history. Find what you’re looking for faster or share the info with colleagues.



Store all relevant documents in a structured way in the appropriate contact history and find each document again with just a few clicks.



Schedule appointments with clients and get reminders or share your calendar with colleagues to get organized even easier. Mark private appointments that you don’t want anyone else to see.



Create tasks and share them with your colleagues. Get reminders for tasks at the appropriate time so that nothing gets lost.


Chat instead of e-mail

Chat instead of email – simply write and inform your colleagues via chat function. One-to-one or in a group.


Mobile and location-independent

Thanks to German cloud technology, work can be done securely from anywhere in the world and at any time – even in the home office.


easybill + infra-struktur

infra-struktur can be easily connected to easybill via interface to keep your office organization as lean as possible. For example, you can see directly in your infra-struktur which invoices of a customer are open or settled. The customer data from easybill is of course also transferred via the interface. Even individually programmed processes and transfers between both systems are possible.

Simplify your office organization and communication
with infra-struktur