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Let me do the operational work for you.

I am Arthy, the digital assistant and operator for your Amazon business.

I communicate with you, provide services and recommend actions that lead to the optimization and growth of your Amazon brand. Basically, I optimize with the aim of saving monetary resources or time as well as providing know-how and insights. Unlike Amazon tools, I actively suggest recommendations for action and show you how to implement them. Users save immense time and cost budgets and are assured that they will no longer miss any important deadlines or to-do’s.


Optimize finances and time expenditure

Save money and time immediately by using Arthy. And don’t miss any important to-do’s.


Business Insights

Gain valuable insights into your brand.


Use Arthy Chat

Communicate directly with me, your personal A.I. assistant.


Quality management

I take care of lost or destroyed products, customer reviews, refunds and much more for you and always check your products and their optimization potential.

Arthy for your Amazon business

Arthy is like the employee everyone wants, at an incredibly effective salary. Arthy’s vision is to one day be the center of your e-commerce universe and PROACTIVELY take care of any operational, tedious tasks while you focus on your core business.

Arthy – your digital Amazon assistant