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awork is your orga tool for happy collaboration:

Intuitive, friendly and from Europe. To help you coordinate your team and all projects clearly, awork combines project planning with your team’s personal calendars

You always know how busy your team is and recognize bottlenecks immediately. Thanks to visual task planning, everyone knows who is doing what and when deadlines and absences are due. And time tracking is directly integrated into the Team-Orga.

Target audience

awork is made for teams of all sizes working together on projects. 2,000+ happy teams appreciate the intuitive design, reliable and fast support, and DSGVO-compliant hosting in the EU.

Team planning

With the planner you can coordinate the workload of your whole team. Plan your projects and tasks for different people across projects in a timeline or calendar. The planner takes into account the projects, tasks, absences and even appointments of all participants.

Project management

In awork you can plan and distribute projects and tasks easier than ever before. Use different views, planning models or smart automations and make your team happier with smooth workflows.

Time tracking

Time tracking has to be uncomplicated. That’s why we’ve integrated time tracking directly into Team Orga. So you can evaluate time directly on a project basis and always know how long a task actually took.


Feedback is also not lost in awork. In the task chat, comments can be left, files shared and users notified. This way, everyone working on the project is always up to date – without annoying email loops.

Spend less time planning and enjoy implementing great ideas.