mfr Deutschland

mfr Deutschland – Customer service in the cloud

The best customer service is organized with mfr. With mfr you can map your individual processes dynamically and flexibly.

The daily organization of your deployment planning is easier with mfr digital. To manage customers, objects and material, to inform technicians and to
and complete orders, it only takes a few clicks. It’s not only easier, it saves time and money at all corners and allows your business to continue to grow. And because order and reliability is easier with mfr, your customers will love you.

With mfr you can cover the following functions in your company:


Deployment planning

Forget Outlook and Excel! With mfr you have the real-time overview of orders, technicians and material. At a glance you can see which employees are available when and how the workload of an employee is per day / week / month. This way, an even distribution of orders can be realized without much effort.



Create orders, vacation, illness or other appointments directly via the calendar or move them easily via drag & drop. Order information is also immediately visible.


Real-time status

You are shown the processing status of an order in real time. This allows you to react quickly if an order has not been viewed by the technician or if delays occur.


Technician app

Your mobile customer service is always perfectly prepared for an assignment with the mfr app. If a technician is assigned a job in the shift planning, he immediately receives a notification on his device. The seamless connection between the office and the technician means that everyone is always on the same information level. The intuitive design of the app enables uncomplicated time recording and documentation. With the offline function, the technician has a tool he can always work with – no matter what.


Integration with easybill

As soon as an order is completed, all items such as labor & travel time, materials and services are transmitted to the office. This way, invoices can be created even faster and cleaner. The integration in easybill is very easy, automated and does not cost extra. In addition, mfr attaches the service report to the invoice, which can optionally be sent to the customer as well.

Mobile, digital and really on its toes.