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If you want to continue operating your Shopware 5 store safely even after the official End of Life 2024, you can do so with safefive.

Safefive offers security and compatibility patches for Shopware 5 from August 2024. The aim is to offer Shopware 5 customers the best possible solution for the time until the relaunch and to protect the stores from increasingly sophisticated hacker attacks.

safefive is part of Paddox GmbH, which was founded in 2019 to extend e-commerce software whose support is no longer provided by the manufacturer.


Security updates

Provision of security and compatibility patches for Shopware 5 for at least 5 years


Avoid security gaps

Active search for security vulnerabilities



Ensuring the compatibility of Shopware 5 with new PHP and MySQL versions


Help us

Bug bounty program to reward reported security vulnerabilities


GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance is ensured at all times

safefive – Your support for Shopware 5