About the shopware AG

The shopware AG is the leading shop system manufacturer in Germany. As an independent, equity-financed company, the company develops high-quality software and works particularly closely with its 80,000 customers and 1,200 partners. Shopware develops transparently and always responds openly and adaptably to requests from the large community. Shopware is characterised by high annual growth rates and a consistently high level of service. shopware AG employs 170 people at its site in Schöppingen, Westphalia, and is considered one of the biggest innovation drivers in German e-commerce.


Inspiration is what drives us.

We develop our software for the people who use it. This is why we promote an open, worldwide community. It inspires us to revolutionize digital commerce with passion, innovation and attention to detail to create future-oriented eCommerce solutions.


Very easy to use

It couldn’t be simpler: To create or change the shopping worlds, you don’t need any programming knowledge at all.


Across all devices

You can set and perfect shopping worlds very precisely for the devices on which they are to be displayed.


Responsive Images

You only have to upload the pictures in your shop once. Afterwards, the resolution is automatically adjusted to the respective end device.


Everything important on board

Numerous useful marketing functions are already integrated into Shopware right from the start and can be used immediately.