Simple-Simon, for digitizing your work orders

Digitizing work orders with Simple-Simon is easy. Avoid long travel times by simply navigating to the work address. No more redundant back and forth. Create reports and forms the way you want. Link to your accounting package and bill directly. Schedule repeat work quickly with the repeat option.


Simple-Simon office module

The office module is used by the office staff. It can be opened directly from any browser on your desktop or laptop. From this environment you create your company profile by entering your company logo and information. You can also build your team here by adding users. From this central point, they can easily create and schedule work orders, manage customer data and add materials. The Office module syncs in real time with the field worker’s app, so all information is always up to date. Both for new appointments and for changes to existing appointments. Calling back and forth for changes is a thing of the past.


The Simple-Simon App

You can easily use Simple-Simon’s work order app on your smartphone or tablet, with both Android and IOS.
The field worker in the field can easily update and complete scheduled and new work orders. Use the app (field module) to view scheduling, navigate to the work address, register work hours and breaks, and report item usage. Create your own form in which you add photos, fill out checklists, make sketches, answer open or closed questions, and more. This way you will always have a report and worksheet to your liking. Easy to use!


Integration with easybill

The simple online office software. Create invoices and quotes, do accounting, customer & inventory management and many more functions.

Your advantages with easybill:
– Clear document management
– do preparatory accounting when & where you want, around the clock
– Digital and simple instead of paper chaos


More functions

– Easy creation and scheduling of work orders
– All information is visible per location thanks to the automatic history you create
– Send an SMS or email when creating the work order, making changes, starting the trip, etc.

Digitize your work orders with our smart work order app.