The PayJoe software solution was developed in 2014 by NetConnections GmbH. Since then, PayJoe enables online merchants to keep proper accounting records, automates processes and reduces the effort of accounting. In addition, PayJoe now also offers the possibility to transfer digital document images to DATEV companies online. So you can make your company more digital, secure and efficient.


Payment matching with PayJoe

PayJoe provides – primarily for online merchants – single transactions from payment providers (e.g. Amazon, PayPal, Klarna, credit card providers and many more) and enables them to add receipt data from the merchandise management system (e.g. easybill). That way, incoming payments, refunds, fees and also the payout amounts of the payment providers can be automatically booked in the accounting software. PayJoe thus enables the online merchant or his tax advisor to keep orderly accounts.


Digital document images with PayJoe

PayJoe delivers digital document images for DATEV companies online. This includes, your scanned incoming invoices or the incoming invoices from your e-mail inbox and digital document images of outgoing invoices that were created in your merchandise management system.


  • Automatic reconciliation between payment and document data
  • Save up to 95% time in bookkeeping
  • Proper accounting
  • Compatible with almost any accounting system
  • Free & contract-free registration
  • No basic monthly fee
  • 20 EUR Initial credit
  • Fast and individual configuration
  • Efficiency gain through digital & automated processes

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