Enjoy Amazon Advertising

BidX is the first tool for Amazon Advertising that offers you a complete keyword search, ad creation and campaign optimization. We have made it our goal to completely automate and scale your advertising. For this purpose we optimize your ads not only by bidding adjustments, but also add new keywords and negative keywords.


More time for your main business

With automation, your advertisements on Amazon are continuously optimized, allowing you to focus on your core business while your advertising is adapted to all market changes.


More efficient use of your advertising costs

You specify a target value for optimization in our tool – Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) or monthly budget – and the tool then gets the most out of your campaigns and optimizes them based on the specified target value.


Intelligent keyword management

We follow a holistic approach and have found that bid management alone often does not lead to the desired result. An automated keyword management is therefore essential to better control good or bad converting keywords.


Detailed monitoring

In our dashboard you can view and analyze all important KPI’s for all your marketplaces. Even detailed filtering by campaigns, ad groups, keywords or even search terms is no problem with BidX and enables targeted analyses.


One tool for all marketplaces

With BidX you can manage all your marketplaces – whether you are a seller, vendor or agency.

Start now to optimize your Amazon advertising with BidX and save time, money and nerves! And as an easybill customer you will receive an exclusive discount of 20% – discount code EASYBILL