Why complicate things when you can make them simple? Accounting automation with GetMyInvoices

Do you collect invoices from various suppliers every month? To do this, log in at each supplier, download the invoices manually, check your incoming e-mails for invoices and juggle with management and fuel receipts? Then we have the solution for you!

Automated invoice download

We download your invoices from over 10000 portals and make them easily accessible.

E-mail scanner

We monitor your mailbox for incoming invoices and import them automatically into your GetMyInvoices account.

Personal import address

Use your personal import address by simply forwarding your e-mail invoices to GetMyInvoices for import. Even easier – store your import address with your suppliers!


Import and export your invoices from over 50 third-party systems and technologies such as Datev, Addison, Lexoffice, Dropbox and many more.

Mobile document entry

Enter your receipts quickly & easily on the road with your smartphone.