Digitize sales force

Put an end to paperwork! With OutSmart, you manage your orders and provide your employees with work orders in digital form via app. Easy to use, very clear and multifunctional.

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The OutSmart Backoffice

The control center of OutSmart. In the web-based back office, work orders are recorded and assigned to the respective employee on the digital planning board. Your employee sees immediately on his tablet or smartphone when a new work order is ready for him. In the back office, you always have an overview of the status of the individual order, which employee is available and where your service vehicles are located.


The OutSmart App

Work orders are made available to the employee in the field via the OutSmart app. Here, customer data, type of work to be performed, materials, etc. are transmitted so that your employee receives all the necessary information. He starts the timer, completes the work, adds before / after photos, for example, and has the work done signed by the customer on the tablet or smartphone. At the push of a button, the data is transmitted back to the back office.


Integration with easybill

Thanks to the existing interface, invoices are created directly from OutSmart as a concept invoice in easybill. Customer data, hours worked, articles (materials) etc. are transferred here. The original work order can be attached in the form of a PDF file as proof of performance.

More functions

  • CRM-Tool
  • Time recording / reporting
  • Material management
  • Automations
  • Ad-hoc orders / map display
  • Workflows
  • Customer objects
  • Contracts & SLA
  • Manage subcontractors
  • Vacation and absence planning
  • Open API
  • Import function
  • iOS and Android App
  • 30 days free trial, monthly cancellation

As an easybill customer you benefit from a discount of 200 Euro on your OutSmart training / implementation.