Craftsmen in focus: 10 marketing challenges & solutions – More success in the craft business

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“I’m a craftsman and my focus is on practical work and not on useless marketing tasks that are useless anyway.” – a sentence that you as a craftsman have probably had in your head more than once. Are topics such as marketing, bookkeeping and invoicing “necessary evils” for you, but they tend to hold you back from your day-to-day work?

In today’s blog, we list the top 10 challenges, but also wishes and solutions for marketing in your trade business. You will certainly recognize yourself at one point or another. But perhaps our tips will shed some light on the darkness and minimize your reservations about the challenges. If so, you should read on now.

Top 1: Lack of visibility in local search results

As a tradesperson, the lack of visibility in local search results can be frustrating. Often you don’t know how to approach it at all or what the right words are. Or you realize that the local competition is simply more present and seems to have gotten the hang of it.

Your solution: Invest in local search engine optimization (Local SEO) by using relevant keywords, regularly updating your Google My Business profile and collecting positive reviews from satisfied customers. This will improve your local visibility and attract potential customers. If you are not confident enough to do it yourself, consider hiring a professional agency to help you – at least at the beginning.

Top 2: Low response to social media campaigns

Social media can be a challenge if the response is low. Addressing the right target group is also a challenge for many companies. How do you formulate correctly for social media? Which graphics and which strategy do I use to address potential customers?

Your solution: Carefully analyzing your target audience, targeting content to their interests and interacting with your community can increase the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. Invest a little time several times a week. Newspapers and print media were yesterday, in 2024 no one will be able to avoid social media.

Top 3: Difficulties in creating convincing content

Creating compelling content takes time and creativity. As a craftsman, creativity is not exactly your specialty? Absolutely understandable. But why think too complicated and reinvent things?

Your solution: By sharing authentic stories, useful tips and informative content, you can arouse the interest of your target group and emphasize your expertise at the same time. Share content from your daily business. Use photos of completed work or intermediate steps in the implementation of projects.

Top 4: Uncertainties regarding the effectiveness of advertising measures

Many marketing measures are very difficult to measure at first glance. This sometimes requires special solutions that marketing beginners are not familiar with. In any case, you should not engage in marketing if you do not intend to evaluate it.

Your solution: Advertising efforts can seem opaque, but with clear goals and regular analysis, you can better understand the effectiveness of your advertising strategies. Focus on measurable results to track and adjust success. Again, this may require professional expertise to get up to speed, which you should invest in.

Top 5: Limited knowledge of effective digital marketing channels

The digital marketing landscape can be overwhelming. There is software and offers as far as the eye can see. And new options are added to the market every day. How are you supposed to keep track of everything and know which channel is right for you?

Your solution: Through continuous training and targeted advice, you can expand your knowledge and identify the most suitable digital marketing channels for your trade. Even if the amount of work here seems enormous, it will be worth it for you in the long term.

Top 6: Low participation in local events and trade fairs for the craft business

Is there an event near you where companies can present themselves? Then let’s go! Trade fairs are always an investment, but it pays off in the long term if you are represented with a stand for your company and your name. How many discussions are held “in the corridor” and have often led to the best business deals afterwards?

Your solution: Local events offer valuable networking opportunities. Strategic attendance and active participation can help build relationships and raise awareness of your craft services in the community.

Top 7: Ambiguities in addressing the target group

Addressing the target group precisely requires detailed knowledge of their needs. It is often difficult to define the target group for a craft business in a wide range of sectors, because a large number of people of all ages fall within the search criteria. Experience and simple trial and error can often help here. Alternatively, a certain overlap must be found or certain topics that are of interest to all target groups.

Your solution: By conducting market research and highlighting benefits that are relevant to your target audience, you can develop a clear and effective target group approach.

Top 8: Difficulties in the use of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing can be effective if it is well thought out. But which influencer is the right one? Perhaps it doesn’t even have to be one of the “big names” from social media. Maybe it’s enough for some customers to tell you online how happy they are with your service and that they can recommend you to others. There are certainly also some well-known people with whom you can conclude advertising contracts for craft businesses.

Your solution: Working with influencers who fit your craft and emphasizing authentic partnerships can help gain the trust of your target group.

Top 9: Low presence on rating platforms for your craft business

Review platforms are crucial for gaining the trust of potential customers. It is often the case that customers trust other customers more than if you emphasize your services on your website, for example, or formulate positive words about your own company. Trust creates trust. It is therefore essential that you collect positive customer experiences and proactively ask for reviews.

Your solution: Active participation, collecting positive reviews and proactively managing constructive feedback can strengthen your presence and increase trust in your services.

Top 10: Lack of automated marketing tools

The integration of automated marketing tools can enable more efficient processes. At first glance, the costs may seem high, but there are also plenty of useful tools that can be used at affordable prices. It all depends on the desired range of functions and how easy they are to use.

Your solution: By selecting and implementing tools that suit your business, you can save time while maintaining a consistent marketing strategy.


Good marketing for your craft business does not have to be expensive marketing at the same time. Many sensible paths can be taken on your own. You certainly have to put up with the time involved, but the long-term success is all the more rewarding. Why not give it a try!

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