Maximum efficiency: why using a tax consultant trumps the do-it-yourself approach to accounting

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A tax consultant is currently not an option for you? You already feel caught by the title of our blog, because you have decided to do the accounting on your own? Surely there are many reasons or thoughts that run through your head when you weigh up what is important to you as an entrepreneur.

Particularly in the start-up phase, many companies feel that the cost factor is the most important factor. But is this true at all when it comes to accounting? Is it so much more cost-intensive if I leave the accounting of my company to a tax consultant? We take a look at the most important factors in this regard.

Time savings and focus on core business

People often underestimate the amount of time that bookkeeping takes. Especially if you do not have the tax know-how yourself, it can happen that you spend a lot of time sorting your receipts, looking for the right accounting accounts and preparing everything for the tax office.

The tax advisor, on the other hand, naturally has the tax know-how and therefore needs much less time. So why not use this important resource “time” for your own core competencies and concentrate on the growth of your company?

Professional knowledge and current tax law

In the age of the Internet, researching current tax regulations is no longer a challenge. Nevertheless, they cost time and therefore money for your employees or even for yourself. Both factors can be reduced if the professional comes into play here.

Tax consultants are experts in the field of accounting and, of course, taxes. Through constant training, seminars and personal development, they are always up to date in tax law. The tax office thus ensures that companies take advantage of all tax benefits and meet legal requirements. Above all, you should not miss the advantages for your own business, just because you were not aware of them.

Avoiding mistakes and unnecessary penalties

In principle, there is no interest in risking unnecessary penalties at any time. Ask yourself if you are so confident in the area of accounting and taxes that you can definitely rule out potential errors. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact your nearest tax advisor. He will certainly support you in not making any more mistakes.

Personal consultation and tax planning

Tax savings sound like music to your ears? We can absolutely relate to that. A tax consultant will work with you to design the perfect, customized tax strategy for your business. The individual needs of your company will of course be taken into account. You should not miss out on these opportunities.

Cost efficiency

At first glance, it may always seem that the use or support of the tax office only means additional costs. However, if you look at it in the long term, it will save you more working time and wages for employees, and also bring advantages rather than disadvantages by avoiding errors.

The tax advisor can get to work much more efficiently and quickly than your own employees, thus causing lower costs.

Resource optimization and stress reduction

If you do decide to go the joint route with the tax advisor, you will quickly find that your staff can be more efficiently assigned to other tasks.

Your employees will also thank you, because accounting can be very complex and time-consuming. Deadlines must be met, regulations must be observed and much more. This can put pressure on your employees. An avoidable pressure, if you can outsource the tasks and leave them to the professionals.

Business growth and strategy

An experienced tax advisor can offer valuable insight and advice on financial planning and growing your business. This ensures long-term success. Your tax professional will adapt to the changing needs of your business and can always provide additional support as needed. Financial reporting, budgeting, and even payroll are common tasks that law firms handle for your business these days.

Where can you find the right tax consultant?

Feel free to take a look at our service category Tax Consultant Network. Here, many firms are already listed that have many years of experience in e-commerce, crafts and many other industries. In addition, all of these tax consultants rely on the use of easybill and do not require extensive training in your invoicing software.

The easybill tax consultant portal also supports both of you in your collaboration. Outgoing invoices are thus transferred to the accounting department with a click and you only have to deal with incoming invoices and other business documents.

It’s best to get started right away!

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