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  • Process orders faster and save time

  • No missing mandatory information

  • Error minimization & time savings through automation

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Automatic invoicing for MediaMarktSaturn easier than ever before

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Automate MediaMarktSaturn invoices

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Simple and fast invoicing for MediaMarktSaturn retailers

Automate and save time with easybill

Professional individual invoices

The products you sell on MediaMarktSaturn can be personalized as individual as the design of your invoices. Transfer an existing logo or stationery to your templates. Transfer your professional CI to your documents.

Take differential taxation into account

You sell used items, but these are subject to the Differential taxation? No problem. easybill imports your orders from the store on a daily basis and creates invoices from them, taking differential taxation into account.

Incoming payments always in view

easybill imports your orders together with all payment information. This means you always have an overview of your sales, transaction details and incoming payments in your account.

Less work for you and your tax advisor

Not only you as an easybill user benefit from many advantages. Your tax advisor will also appreciate having your bookkeeping done within minutes. No time-consuming exports or manual reconciliation of lists and receipts. easybill offers everything from a single source.

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  • How do I sell my products on MediaMarktSaturn?

  • Successful selling on MediaMarktSaturn.

    The and marketplaces will of course continue to exist. However, the merger of the two marketplaces offers even more potential for sellers and buyers.

    Thanks to the established marketplace, you can use the advantages and reach to sell your consumer electronics products.

    • Simple store creation
    • Article listing via text file
    • Upload of stock lists
    • Low commission payment to marketplace

    What do you need for a connection?

    What payment methods are available in the MediaMarktSaturn marketplace?

    • Financing (installments)

    • Credit card

    • Amazon Pay

    • PayPal

    • giropay

    • Cash payment on collection from the store

    • Direct transfer

    • Gift card

    • How do I write MediaMarktSaturn invoices correctly? We clarify quickly & easily!

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    Create MediaMarktSaturn invoices automatically

    The perfect solution for automated invoicing

    Schlüsselfunktionen der Easybill MediaMarkt-Saturn Schnittstelle mit Datensicherheit, Premium-Support und All-in-One-Lösung.

    Automate your MMS invoicing with easybill. This not only saves you valuable time for your business, but also allows you to concentrate on the essentials. Sit back and leave the rest to us!

    easybill recognizes special tax features automatically

    Customizable invoice layouts according to your ideas

    Automatic sending of invoices to your customers by

    Send your MediaMarktSaturn invoice free of charge!

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    Frequently asked questions
    about easybill

    How can I automate MediaMarktSaturn invoice downloads to save time?

    With invoicing software such as easybill, you as a retailer can easily automate your invoices via the MediaMarktSaturn marketplace and save valuable time. Our interface allows you to automatically generate invoices and delivery bills based on the orders you receive via your MediaMarktSaturn store. You can also integrate your shipping and payment information as well as your WEEE number into our software to create your invoices even faster.

    How can I ensure that my automated invoices meet the legal requirements?

    easybill takes all legal requirements into account and ensures that all necessary mandatory information is included in your MediaMarktSaturn invoices. This means you can be sure that your invoices comply with the legal requirements.

    How does easybill guarantee the security of my data?

    With easybill, your data is in the best hands. Your data is stored exclusively on servers in Germany and protected by modern encryption standards. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is available to you as an additional safeguard. Everything about account security in easybill.

    Which membership do I test?

    To test all features, our 7-day free trial period always includes the BUSINESS package.

    What are the parcel delivery times?

    All fee-based packages are available on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis. You decide on the package term. Click here for the easybill prices.

    Is there a way to automatically create delivery notes for MediaMarktSaturn?

    Yes, you can create delivery notes automatically based on the orders you receive on MMS. You can also transfer your shipping information to our software to create your delivery bills even faster.

    Can I automatically create invoices in different languages and send them to my customers?

    Yes, you can customize the email texts in the Import Manager and create them in different languages to ensure that your customers receive the information in their preferred language. Our invoicing software supports multiple languages and allows you to add custom languages to target your customers around the world.

    Can I customize my automated invoices and delivery notes?

    easybill automatically generates professional invoices that clearly display the items purchased and costs. In addition, you can customize the layout and design of the invoices to ensure they match your branding. Professional invoices not only provide you with legal protection, but also convey credibility and facilitate the payment process. They are essential for accounting, save time and can strengthen customer loyalty.

    Is everything included in the package price?

    At easybill, we want to offer you full transparency and control over your costs. Please note, however, that you must book the shipping credit separately and actively. Costs for additional employee access and finAPI transactions can be found in the price overview.

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