Farmers beware: Flat tax reduction from 2022


So far, there has been a lot of talk about it, but there was no definite statement. Now, however, it is a done deal: for flat-rate farmers, the sales tax will be reduced from the previous 10.7% to now 9.5%. The new regulation of the lump-sum tax reduction will come into force on 1.01.2022. What exactly it is all about and how easybill can support you as a farmer, you are welcome to read here.

Who can apply flat-rate tax?

Agricultural businesses with an annual turnover of up to €600,000 can benefit from the flat-rate tax. Why does this lump-sum tax exist? Especially in the field of agriculture, for BIO farmers or even for small suppliers who resell products quasi through your allotment, there are many different tax rates for different products. In order to create a simplification here, these businesses can claim a flat VAT rate of previously 10.7% in their outgoing invoices.

The same amount is credited as input tax, so that ultimately no payment burden arises vis-à-vis the tax office.

However, due to the reduction in the flat rate tax, the tax rate will now be reduced to 9.5% on 1.01.2022.

Why easybill is worthwhile for farmers

If you as a farmer or forester still write your outgoing invoices with MS Office or comparable programs and thus have a high manual effort, you should take the opportunity and switch to easybill now in time. An industry-specific and mostly expensive software is not necessary for you at all.

Enter your flat tax rate in your easybill account. Create all your products or deliveries in the system once, so that you save yourself a lot of manual effort when you create your invoices. Do you regularly deliver goods to customers? No problem with easybill! For example, use our convenient recurring invoices and automate your processes.

Keep an eye on sales, evaluations and the payments of your customers. Access your easybill account from anywhere and create a new document at any time. Show how advanced agriculture works in 2022!