Webinar: Don’t be afraid of the UK

Webinar UK und steuerliche Auswirkungen

Since the BREXIT, the topics of Great Britain, UK, storage in the UK, shipping from the European Union to the UK and tax consequences come up again and again in our support.

To clarify all your questions once, we organize a live webinar together with our partners from CountX (experts in cross-border VAT compliance) and the tax firm SKULD (specialized in e-commerce).

Date: 02.03.2023 at 11:00 a.m.

Take your chance – ask your questions

Be there and take the chance to ask your questions. Feel free to contribute with your contribution or just be part of this exciting topic as a listener.

Why you should not disregard the UK

Almost 60 million UK residents prefer to shop online. That’s well over 80% of the UK population. You should not miss out on this market just because there are perhaps too many unanswered questions about the tax treatment of orders and goods. Because there are solutions for this too, which our panel of experts will be happy to explain at some point. We hope that we have been able to take away a little of your fear of the giant called “Great Britain”.