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easybill provides you with a free payment reminder template for download. You write invoices, but your customers do not always respond on time to the specified payment date? Try using a friendly reminder to remind your customers once again about the outstanding payment. Useful information around the reminder and reminder.

Free Reminder Template

Download For You: Payment Reminder Template

Attention: We explicitly point out that business documents created in Word and Excel are not GoBD compliant.

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What is a payment reminder and what contents are important?

easybill is suitable for all EU countries as well as for Switzerland!

Good reasons for using easybill


Certainly no trouble with the tax office

An invoice from easybill always meets the formal requirements of the tax office. Important components are added independently. In particular, your invoice numbers are assigned automatically. This saves you and your customers stress, hassle and time. Changes to the law are always entered automatically and free of charge.


Calculation errors are excluded

Of course, our invoice program calculates your invoice amount completely automatically. Rebates, discounts or previous partial invoices can also be conveniently taken into account when creating your invoice. Calculation errors in Word or Excel documents are now a thing of the past.


Never lose data again

With easybill, access to your invoice, all other documents and customer data is guaranteed at any time and any place. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Even in the event of a computer crash or other computer problem, your data will be completely preserved. We back up your data for you every second!


No need to go to the post office

If you use a conventional invoice template or offer template, you will not be spared the trip to the post office. easybill, however, takes care of this step for you! You can choose to have all documents sent by mail, by fax or by e-mail with or without a digital signature. And all this at unbeatable prices!


Save tax consulting costs

In contrast to the invoice template, the invoice and credit note created with easybill can be transferred directly to your tax advisor with just a few clicks. He can simply import your data in a short time. This simplification can sustainably reduce costs for the preparation of accounting.


Manage customer data easily

All customer data is stored indefinitely. While you usually have to open an old document and save it again to get to the customer’s address when using an invoice template and offer template, with easybill this is done according to a convenient database system. Customer data thus always remains up-to-date and can be transferred to new documents in seconds.

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