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MT Recycling GmbH is a waste management company with currently 10 employees. As a participant in the European circular economy, we as a company must observe numerous laws and special features. Of course, this also affects the requirements for our invoicing system. Due to this, the flexibility as well as the possibility to connect to our existing enterprise resource planning was an important criterion for us when choosing the new invoice provider.

The RestAPI interface that can be used as standard with easybill was very convincing for us after a short research. This allowed us to connect our existing, self-developed merchandise management application with our new cloud-based invoicing system without any problems. Another big plus point for us was the complete documentation of the interface, which simplified the connection of a third-party system very pleasantly.

Another criterion was the possibility of designing our own layout. Here, too, we were not disappointed, quite the opposite. Waste management brings with it some special features when it comes to accounting. Among other things, it must be possible to use free fields in order to print industry-specific features such as certain identification numbers on the individual items. With the possibility to design the layouts yourself, this is now possible without any problems, as you can freely dispose of your imported data and use various fields to make this information accessible.

The solution is rounded off for us by the DATEVconnect interface, which enables us to transfer posting accounts already entered from our own software to the tax consultant along with the outgoing invoice. Importing the data into the tax advisor’s environment also leads to a considerable reduction in workload and the elimination of a possible source of errors.

It was a great relief for our processes that the integration was possible so smoothly. Especially for smaller companies, this solution is also very cost-effective, as data backup takes place on the easybill servers and no investment in our own infrastructure is necessary.

FTI Touristik GmbH and its subsidiaries approximately 160 employees the issuing of invoices. At that time, the process was primarily manual and was carried out using Excel templates.
With the help of a new invoicing software, the process was to be simplified and the accounting department was to be relieved in order to be able to focus on the core processes.
After several weeks of search and evaluation, easybill was finally chosen. The decisive advantages that went hand in hand with the implementation are:

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