10 reasons to choose easybill and lexoffice as a combination of the two best #Backboneholders for your self-employment

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Day-to-day work, acquisition and marketing: As the owner of a start-up or small to medium-sized business, you have your hands full, even if you don’t want to constantly worry about administrative details.

That’s why the accounting solution lexoffice is a strong partner for you and easybill: with just a few clicks, you can integrate a powerful business solution that has your back with many advanced functions such as writing invoices and quotes, entering receipts, doing bookkeeping and much more, allowing you to concentrate fully on your core business and on the finer things in life after work.

This is made possible by numerous powerful features. We have put together 10 exciting benefits of using lexoffice for you. Plus the seamless and useful integration with easybill, of course!

Advantage 1: The lexoffice dashboard

Mobile or desktop, once logged in you have the most important data at a glance at all times thanks to the lexoffice dashboard: Outstanding invoices, the current VAT payment amount, income and expenses and, thanks to the comparison with business accounts, all your account balances.

Advantage 2: Declarations and EüR/GuV

In addition to the legally compliant archiving of documents, lexoffice makes it easy to complete the advance VAT return, the recapitulative statement as well as the income statement and profit and loss account.

Advantage 3: lexoffice wage and salary

Whether mini-jobbers, part-time workers or other employees: Payroll accounting has never been so easy and effortless and so seamlessly integrated with the rest of your accounting with lexoffice. Including the digital provision of payroll accounting for employees.

Advantage 4: automagic document posting

With lexoffice and the scan app, you not only record all your receipts immediately and where you have just made an expense. The AI technology also helps you to assign the bookings, uses text recognition to record what they are about and all you have to do is confirm: that saves a lot of time.

Advantage 5: Online banking

The online banking feature integrated in lexoffice is linked to your business account for data reconciliation, all your bookings are automatically assigned and you can make transfers directly in lexoffice.

Advantage 6: Sales statistics and reports

The lexoffice turnover statistics function supports you in the professional preparation of your customer meetings and negotiations with business partners: You can see at a glance how much turnover a customer generates or how high the costs of a supplier are.

Advantage 7: Integrated cash book

With the lexoffice cashbook function, you can quickly and conveniently record, split and categorize cash receipts and expenses. The lexoffice cash book naturally fulfills all the requirements of the tax office.

Advantage 8: lexoffice business account

With the lexoffice business account, you can benefit from the perfect integration of accounting and banking and favorable conditions. Fully integrated functions save valuable time and give you an overview of your finances at all times. Open an account online in just a few minutes.

Advantage 9: Cooperation with the tax office

With lexoffice, you never have to send receipts back and forth again, either on paper or digitally. Thanks to the integrated tax advisor access, your tax advisor can access and export all data independently of you at any time.

Advantage 10: Integrations and API

lexoffice has a large number of integrations and interfaces that you can use to integrate additional functions into your IT environment without any effort in order to expand it. From time recording solutions to e-commerce, from payment providers to CRM tools, everything is included, as is easybill, of course.


From the Elster interface to one-click payment reminders, lexoffice has your back every day. Many of our joint customers enthusiastically use the combination of easybill and lexoffice to conveniently automate processes. We explained how this works and what advantages it has in more detail in an interview with lexoffice: https://www.lexoffice.de/blog/alle-prozesse-rund-um-die-rechnungslegung-automatisieren-mit-easybill/

More about lexoffice

lexoffice from Lexware is the business solution from the cloud for all accounting requirements and optimal organization of everyday business life. As the market leader with a quarter of a million self-employed customers, lexoffice has its users’ backs:
Location-independent and mobile working, legally compliant quotes and invoices and delivery bills as well as document archiving in accordance with the GoBD, an integrated dunning process and dozens of other functions make lexoffice an indispensable app.

Most importantly, you can take care of everything yourself – but as soon as you seek professional business advice from a tax firm, you can activate free access and offer your tax advisor convenient access and data export options. You do what is easy for you and the tax firm does the rest and the tax returns. lexoffice is as easy to use as easybill and just as clearly structured.

The combination of these two back-office tools will make your business life easier. Try it out for yourself: Both apps can be tested without obligation, even in combination.

Get started easily with lexoffice – no installation, automatic updates, always up-to-date and new functions every month.

Connecting lexoffice to easybill – it’s that easy

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