Intuitively record project hours in easybill with the Picotime app

*Guest post: Picoba
picotime_project hours

Are you looking for a solution to record project hours or services? With Picotime, we have developed an app that allows you to record project hours in passing. The simple and straightforward operation allows you to keep track of the recorded activities at all times. We at picoba Solutions GmbH offer individual, smart software solutions and apps for the digitalization of our customers. With Picotime, we have given ourselves the gift of not wasting time on project hours recording.

Focus on recording project hours

Picotime is clearly focused on the recording of project hours. The recording of project hours usually has to be done several times a day by each project member and is often a nuisance for those involved, as it is very time-consuming. The time required for this increases with every click. Having a smart and intuitive solution means significant added value through the time saved here. Capturing needs to be as easy for users on mobile as it is via desktop. Project hours should be able to be entered alongside daily work. All without it being perceived as additional effort! This is exactly the goal and focus of the application. The key lies in the simplicity of the application. That’s why we rely on familiar and trusted views. A very familiar and intuitive view is the calendar. This is available in a day, week and month view.

Project hours overview

Furthermore, a project list view with a recording function is available, via which the recording of times can be started and stopped. This view is most often used on the go. The ease with which entries can be duplicated, moved and changed, combined with the quick assignment of entries to projects and categories, means significant added value. There is a favorites list for quick findability of projects. Customize these individually.

How are projects managed, how does evaluation and accounting work?

Picotime includes a mini project management to record hours. However, the app is basically designed to be docked and integrated with a leading third-party system. The data is transferred from Picotime directly to the existing easybill project via the interface offered by easybill.
transferred. This way you have all your data directly recorded in the leading system. For the evaluation of hours, the administration of projects, the creation of quotations and billing, easybill is used as the leading system. easybill as the project administration and billing program and Picotime for the project hours recording, form a perfect duo here. Picotime thus creates a seamless integration into the easybill project management.

Our vision

With Picotime, we want to help companies reduce their internal effort for recording project hours and inspire users through our lean and performant app.